necessary evil

29 09 2011

i dont believe is necessary evil. evil is evil. people say war is a necessary evil. i say war is always wrong. ill go as far as to say that killing anybody ever is always wrong. it is not my job to decide who lives or who does not.

i dont believe in capital punishment, abortion, euthanasia, physician assisted suicide, murder (intentional or not) or any other hum killing another human for any reason.

is it something you can not come back from? absolutely not. no matter the reason or method used forgiveness is always an option. there is a very simple reason for this. i believe acts committed in the mind are as powerful as the ones committed in the flesh. in other words i and everyone else have already done every form of killing. i have asked for and received forgiveness for this.

war is not the answer.

it never is.

how many more do we have to endure before people start understanding this concept.

benjamin franklin had many good ideas. he had many bad ideas for that matter but for me my favorite quote of his goes like this: “there never was a good war or a bad peace”

na matter how someone else or something else has wronged you or the ones you love, killing that person creates more heartache.

i learned a few years ago how incredibly hard it is to lose someone close to me. it happened to be because of  useless war. i have personal experience in that heartache. it is awful. i don’t wish that on any other soldiers families. not soldiers of the united states. not the soldiers of the enemies of the united states. i don’t even wish that on the families of the men who killed my cousin, who was killed in the iraq war.

squash hate from your heart.

let love take its place.

i have.




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